Who performs my exam? 

Each examination is performed by one of our credentialed technologists.

When will I receive my test results? 

Our board-certified radiologists/cardiologists will review your case and send the results directly to your referring physician usually within 48 hours. If we determine your case is a medical emergency, we will notify your doctor immediately.

I don’t have medical insurance.  How much will my medical procedure cost? 

If you do not have insurance and/or you have questions about paying for your procedure, please call (585) 235-3220. We work with patients with no insurance or high deductibles to offer affordable options for your imaging needs.

What should I wear for my exam?

It’s best to dress comfortably, as in sweat pants, t-shirts, etc. You must be metal-free for X-ray and bone density examinations- no buckles, metal rivets, etc. No jewelry please.

Contact us at (585) 235-3220